Camel in Douz in Southern Tunisia on the edge of the Sahara Desert
Camel in Douz,
Southern Tunisia

It won’t be long before you see your first camel, and maybe even be tempted to ride on one. They have a reputation for being bad-tempered, but are fascinating animals, well-adapted to the harsh life of the desert. They can go many days without food or water, they have three eyelids and those long eyelashes to protect their eyes against the sand, while pads of skin under their feet enable them to walk on the sand without sinking into it.

Although there are wild camels in the world, you won’t see any in Tunisia. Even those you may spot in the middle of nowhere will belong to someone, perhaps a Berber. The proper wild animals of Tunisia include deer, wild boar, jackals, foxes, hares and that well-known pet, the gerbil. Don’t expect to see too many of these, however, even on a desert safari. You may be thankful not to see snakes and scorpions, as while they do have these in Tunisia they are mostly in the south of the country.