Tunisia with Children

Children in waterparkKEEPING CHILDREN AMUSED
Tunisia rightly promotes itself as a good holiday destination for families, and there will be no problem at all in keeping the children amused and occupied. From a practical point of view, the local supermarkets are usually well-stocked with items you might need, like nappies and baby-food.

Most of the country’s main beaches are equipped with good watersports facilities, so while younger children can enjoy simply splashing about and playing in the sand, older ones who are confident swimmers might want the challenge of learning to water ski or going paragliding. In some resorts you can hire boats by the day too.

Children love any form of transport and one thing to bear in mind if you want to take a bus or train somewhere yourself is that children under five travel for free, and children under fifteen travel for half price. The classical side of Tunisia – sites like Carthage and El Djem – are probably best left for children old enough to appreciate them but, even so, younger children can get a surprising amount of fun from running around old ruins.

These trains link the hotels in some resorts with the town centre, and are a leisurely way of getting around. Sometimes they are very leisurely, and don’t always stick to the timetable, so don’t take them if you want to be somewhere by a particular time. Children love rides on these, so much so that you’ll probably have to ration them.

Taking a ride on a camel is something that everyone responds to – if only with a blank refusal to do it! Getting the kids on a camel is always a source of great amusement, and it’s even more fun when the kids insist that mum and dad try one too. This is definitely an event when you should make sure you have your camera ready with a fully-charged battery. The Camel Caravan is one event that’s a must for young children.

Like most people around the Mediterranean, the Tunisians love children and love making a fuss of them. It’s more common here to see everyone dining together as a family, and children will enjoy being treated as grown-ups. Waiters often make a special effort with children, enjoying a joke when they’re not too busy.