Money Matters

The Tunisian currency is the dinar, usually shown as TD. This is divided into 1000 millemes (mills), which is why you will sometimes see prices written as TD1.500. That’s one dinar and five hundred mills, or 1.5 dinar. It’s a soft currency which means it can’t be imported or exported. Be careful not to change more than you think you will need. When you leave you can only change back up to 30% of what you changed into dinars in the first place, with a maximum limit of TD100. You also need the bank receipts to show how much you did change, so do your sums carefully, or change money bit by bit as you go. You can’t spend any left-over dinars once you’re beyond passport control. You can always save them for your nest holiday, although it is then illegal to bring TDs back into the country!

There are plenty of places to change money, at banks and bureaux de changes, and you should have no problem exchanging sterling, other major currencies or travellers’ cheques.

Credit cards are widely used in hotels, restaurants and shops, and can be used to draw money at a bank. There are cash machines in most large towns, connected to the various international cash networks. If your card links to one of these, then the pin number you use at home will be valid here.