Activities in Tunisia

Golf club puttingWATERSPORTS
Almost all the hotels have their own section of beach, and many provide various watersports activities too. The prices are cheap compared to back home and some other places in the Mediterranean, so here’s your chance to try it. Among the options you should be able to find are waterskiing, paragliding, windsurfing and simpler fun things like banana boats and pedalos.

For those people who thought Tunisia was all desert – well it isn’t just one big bunker! There are several fine golf courses, though the keen golfers will have followed advice and pre-booked their tee-off times before leaving home. It might still be possible to find a space, though, even if you’ve left it to the last minute. You technically need your handicap certificate with you, but if the greens are not too busy they may be prepared to bend the rules.

Hiring a bike is an increasingly popular way of getting about, despite the fact that Tunisians are, shall we say, enthusiastic drivers. You might want to get used to cycling on quiet side streets before tackling the busy main roads. The standard of bikes used to be pretty basic, but they are getting better as the demand increases.

Some hotels offer horse riding facilities, while if you want to watch horse racing there is a course at Monastir.

Anyone interested in deep-sea fishing, perhaps for shark, tuna or swordfish, can usually find someone willing to take you by asking around the Marina, if there are no formal trips on offer. You need a permit for river fishing in Tunisia, but not for sea fishing.

Soccer is the country’s number one sport, and the national side has qualified twice for the World Cup finals, most recently in 2006. There are several first division sides in Tunis, and another in Sousse, if you want to try to catch a good game.

Golf in Tunisia