Things to See in Tunis

Spice Stall in Tunis Medina
Spice Stall
in Tunis Medina

The Medina. Make sure you’ve got a map as the old town is huge, containing many mosques and souks. Some of the souks specialise in such things as jewellery, gold, silver and spices.

Bardo Museum. The other big ‘must see’ in Tunis, and included on organised excursions, is this, the best museum in the country and the second-biggest in Africa after the museum in Cairo. It is housed in a one-time palace, and that alone is worth seeing, but inside is a fine collection of Carthaginian, Christian, Islamic and Roman remains – especially the wonderful collection of Roman mosaics.

Great Mosque ez-Zitouna. On Rue Jamaa Zitouna in the medina, this is the largest and holiest mosque in Tunisia. It may even have been built when the city was founded in 698. The courtyard is open to non-Muslims daily except Friday and Sunday.

BEACHES. Go to La Marsa at the end of the TGM train line where the best city beaches are to be found.