Sousse Beach, Tunisia
Sousse Beach, Tunisia

Tunisia’s third city has long been a commercial centre and busy port, and with the addition of modern tourism it has become a bustling place to be. It has a huge old town, a good long stretch of beach, and plenty of things to see and do. Because of its size it is still much more Tunisian in feel than many of the smaller resorts, and its long and fascinating history is well worth exploring with visits to the museum, the medina and the fortress.

Medina. Everyone has to visit the Medina, where the souks sell everything including gold, silver, clothes, spices, meat, fish, fruit and veg.

Soula Centre. A good place for souvenir shopping if you don’t like the hassle of haggling, as there’s a good range of fixed-price souvenirs on four floors. And it’s air-conditioned! Place Farked Hachet in the Centre Ville.

Artisanat Shop. This government-run souvenir bazaar has fixed prices so no haggling. A good place to look at carpets and handicrafts.

Magasin General. Government-run supermarkets, one on La Corniche, the other on Rue de l’Independence, good places for basic toiletries, bits and pieces.

The Medina.

Sousse Museum. Excellent archaeological museum in the old kasbah in the Medina. Many fine mosaics, with one called the Triumph of Bacchus being a star attraction.

The Ribat. Late 8th century fortress in which you must climb the watchtower to get the terrific city views.

Great Mosque. Looks more like a fortress than a typical mosque, dates back to 851AD but recently restored. Only the courtyard is open to non-Muslims.

Catacombs. They could be great with over three miles of tunnels, but only a few yards of them are open to the public. Signposted off the Rue el-Ghazali.

Boujaffar Beach is a long strip of white sand where the hotels are, about half a mile north of the city centre. Good watersports facilities, including waterskiing and paragliding.

If you visit the Ribat it’s worth paying the small extra payment for permission to take photos, as there are terrific views from the watchtower.

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