Port el Kantaoui

Port el Kantaoui, Tunisia
Port el Kantaoui,

With its predominantly white buildings and tastefully-designed white hotels, all surrounding an upmarket Marina, Port el Kantaoui could be almost anywhere in the Mediterranean – Spain, the south of France or the Greek Islands. It may lack the centuries-old Medina common in other Tunisian towns, but it still has its own North African atmosphere, with cobbled back streets, haggling shopkeepers, waterfront cafés and spicy smells wafting from the many excellent restaurants.

Just north of Port el Kantaoui on the main road is Sidi Bou Ali, well worth a quick visit to take a look at its folklore centre.

Port el Kantaoui is one of the best centres for shopping, with many shops selling local craft items clustered around the Marina.

There are no tourist sites as such, which doesn’t matter too much as Port el Kantaoui is a pleasant place to relax in, and a good base for exploring other parts of Tunisia (see ‘Excursions’). What it does have are good sports facilities, including a 27-hole tournament golf course (par 108), and two 18-hole par 72 courses nearby at Palm Links and Monastir.

Sailing: you can either hire your own boat or take a day out on an organised excursion to look at the marine life. A trip along the coast to enjoy the sun and the scenery is easily arranged.

*** Sousse. For a feel of the more traditional side of Tunisia, take the tourist train or a taxi for the five-mile trip to Sousse, with its medina, museum, Great Mosque and many other attractions.

*** Kairouan. Best-reached by taking an organised excursion, Kairouan is one of the country’s main centres for traditional carpets, with a chance to see them being made on the weavers’ looms.

Long and sandy, as you would expect from a resort built for tourism.