Sousse Beach, Tunisia
Sousse Beach, Tunisia

With nearly 900 miles of Mediterranean coastline, there are bound to be a few good beaches! The best are obviously where tourism has developed, in the resorts from Hammamet south to Monastir. The main beach at Monastir has an especially impressive setting, backed by the imposing town fortress, and Sousse also has a wonderful beach (right).

No-one should visit Tunisia without getting at least a glimpse of the desert, whether for one day or, if you can spare the time, for a longer safari. Not for nothing was the country chosen as the setting for the film The English Patient. You may never be as close to the Sahara again, so make the most of your chance to see it.

Haggling is a way of life in Tunisia, so if you think you’ve got the hang of it in the local shops, try it out on the taxi drivers and see what happens!

Tunisian Ceramics
Tunisian Ceramics

There are some fine examples of craft items for sale in the country, especially jewellery and hand-made carpets. Good quality does not come cheap, of course, but it’s usually a lot cheaper if you’re prepared to haggle. See our Shopping section for some advice here. You will see a great deal of silver for sale because silver is the only pure metal, according to the Prophet Mohammed. One very common design is the Hand of Fatima, as Fatima was the Prophet’s favourite daughter,

There are many suggestions for other things you ‘must do’ while you’re in Tunisia, and here are just a few:

  • Eat a traditional dish like couscous or brik – but do it the traditional way too, with your fingers.
  • Take a ride on a camel.
  • Have at least one haggling session in the local market.
  • Even if you’ve come for a beach holiday, you ought to see at least one of the country’s many splendid ancient ruins.
  • Allow plenty of time to visit the ancient medinas, and explore the back streets where some of the more unusual souks can be found.
  • Try the local liquor if you’re offered it: thibarine. It’s made in the village of Thibar near Dougga, and will take your breath away!
  • Take an evening stroll around the quays in the resorts, and enjoy a promenade with the locals. Or just watch from a nearby café.